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Custom Homes 

When it comes to custom homes, JB Woodfitter Homes is an industry leader. With our team's extensive and proven track record, you can rest assured we will deliver that one of a kind breath taking custom home you have always dreamed of. Having designed and built many homes on Prior Lake, Lake Minnetonka, and the prestigious Cress View Estates, there is no project our team is not well suited for. Whether your dream home is on the lake or on acreage, we can and will deliver! 

We take the guess work out of building a custom home. We cover everything from the lot selection to the final walk through. Our team will go over every detail in-depth to ensure our clients are comfortable with the process and with us as their builder. We, as a company and family owned business, strive to treat all our customers like family. We are not a builder that hides anything from the client. We are honest and upfront with everything from cost of materials to selections. Our reputation is worth more to us than doing something for the cost of saving time. We pride ourselves on doing what is right for the client throughout the entire process. We hope to gain not only your referral, but any future building needs you may have. 

Where do we begin? We get this question a lot. We have built hundreds of custom homes over the years, the first step can be a bit challenging. Don't worry, the JB Woodfitter team has you covered. We can either start with one of the hundreds of home plans we have built over the years and tweak it to your liking, or we can start from scratch. It all starts with the very first meeting, our designers and builders are listening to what you say is important to YOU! We take extensive notes on what you like, dislikes, what are your "Must Haves", and items you cannot ever see yourself living with. We truly listen to each customer and help draw a concept for what will best suit their needs. We will hold as many design meetings as necessary, sending the plan back to the draftsman as many times as needed to capture your unique vision.

We understand that building a new home is not only one of the largest investments of you life, but it's a place you and your family call HOME! We want you to love your JB Woodfitter Home and the JB Woodfitter building experience from start to finish. You don't want to leave something as important as your Home to just any contractor, trust the JB Woodfitter team. Call today to learn how easy and affordable it is to design and build your dream Home! When you select JB Woodfitter please know that the term Custom is not a synonym for expensive, we build what ever it is our customers are looking for in a Home and stay within budget!

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